Testing the API with Postman

Authorization Token

To test the API with Postman you need to first collect the authorization bearer token.

# Method


    "email": "your-email",
    "password": "your-password"

Sending an authenticated request

To send an authenticated request you must set the Authorization header to Bearer <token you collected>

On the image, the token is saved on a Postman environment variable.

To set this up, click on the eye icon o the top-right corner.

Then click on Environment > Add.

Then add the token you received on the first step to the current value of the token variable.

Don't forget to select the correct environment on the top-right corner.

Discovering the API endpoints

The easiest way to discover the endpoints of the application is by inspecting the Network tab of the Chrome Developer Tools.

You then copy the Request URL, Request Method, and the Payload.

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