Sales support

Email us at if you need anything related to your purchase. If you need an invoice, a refund, entered the wrong email at the sign-up or purchase provider.

Technical support

We do not include technical support or consulting in your purchase, but we will do the most we can to help you - no guarantees - via those channels depending on your issue.

The project is not previewing

In this case, it is possible that some entity or field name of your project uses a javascript protected word or that some name is conflicting with the built-in code. For that, we will have to look at your project and data model to find the issue. If you don't mind us doing that, email us at with your project id.

The project is not starting on your machine

If the preview is working but is not starting on your machine, this might be due to some configuration, NodeJS version, another project running on the same port, etc.

Please describe your issue on the Discord chat. Us from ScaffoldHub or maybe some other user from the community might be able to help you.

Make sure you provide the operating system, front-end, database, and version information.


Before asking for help, might be efficient to try to debug the application to find the problem by yourself following the debugging recipe. If you discover a bug in the out-of-the-box application, please report an issue.

You need help implementing some functionality

This might be very specific to your project context, but you can ask about this on the Spectrum chat, and we will do the most to help you, or at least point to you materials that can assist you.

Bug report

If you found something that is clearly a bug, please report an issue.

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